Career Highlight: Document Review Attorney

Posted by: drosenfeld on May 22, 2014

A particular area of skill we are often asked to deliver on behalf of our clients is presenting a qualified law professional to review legal documents for litigation. Today we are highlighting those who serve in the document review profession, and offer some insight into the area of expertise. Continue reading

Five Benefits to Hiring a Contract Attorney for Your Firm

Posted by: drosenfeld on May 13, 2014

While having a stable workforce in place can be beneficial, many client projects don’t require in-house staff to be available, and could easily be passed over to contract attorneys through legal staffing agencies. Continue reading

How Legal Staffing Agencies Can help Your Law Firm

Posted by: drosenfeld on

The application of law has changed significantly in the past decade. As a result, both firms and businesses are addressing legal matters through staffing solutions that originate from outside resources. Continue reading

Four Tips on Getting the Most out of Your New Legal Position

Posted by: drosenfeld on April 25, 2014

A legal position is like any other, providing opportunities to be at your best in order to make an impression on colleagues and executives. We’ve compiled four of the best strategies to execute in your new occupation, offering tools to get you noticed in the workplace. Continue reading

Social Media and the Legal Profession

Posted by: drosenfeld on April 18, 2014

Networking among colleagues and other professionals in the legal field has been increasingly moving online. As a result, firms have been making a push to increase their presence in the social sphere to reach potential clients and demonstrate their abilities. Continue reading

Five Questions You Will Likely Be Asked at Your Next Job Interview

Posted by: drosenfeld on April 11, 2014

In order to help you prepare for your next interview, we have assembled some of the more complex questions you could be approached with the next time you sit down with a senior partner or hiring representative. Continue reading