Career Highlight: Document Review Attorney

Posted by: drosenfeld on May 22, 2014

For more than a decade, Diamond Personnel has given law firms the advantage of hiring contract attorneys who operate in a wide range of practice areas.  Doing so has not only contributed to our own success, but also to the success of those representing clients involved in the legal process. This has allowed us to form an organization built around the top contract attorneys available in the field, and made us a highly regarded authority in the legal staffing industry.

A particular area of skill we are often asked to deliver on behalf of our clients is presenting a qualified attorney, or law professional, to review legal documents for litigation. With this in mind, we’d like to highlight those who serve in the document review profession, and offer some insight into the area of expertise.

The Purpose

In order to determine what documents and data are relevant to a case, law firms will spend an enormous amount of time sorting through paperwork to support their clients. The collection, analysis, and organizational procedure can at times be daunting, often requiring the use of outside legal support during their review.

Today, most documents are reviewed electronically first, allowing them to be tagged and categorized for further review prior to being added to a case as evidence. However, the hard copies of a document can also play a role in determining the course of case, making this a time-consuming and sometimes expensive stage of the litigation process.

The gathering and coding of documents to be housed on a searchable law firm database gives attorneys a secure platform to establish levels of responsiveness to a case. Relevance is of the utmost importance during this procedure. It’s crucial to have someone qualified in this area to oversee the process that can make recommendations on the ability of a document to be supportive of a case.

The Professional

The contract attorney plays an important role during the review process through categorizing, summarizing, and highlighting key pieces of evidence for a firm. It takes a tremendous amount of legal knowledge, coupled with a highly analytical and organizational skill set, to settle on what pieces of information will ultimately aid in a positive legal resolution for the client.


Document review can sometimes require up to 20 professionals working together on a single case, while potentially taking months to complete the task. This bodes well for law professionals and attorneys who are seeking employment on a contract basis, and enables law firms to assure they are meeting discovery timeline obligations for the court.

The Outlook

Once considered a tedious position, document review has grown considerably in the past several years, giving attorneys who had previously steered away from the practice a new reason to enlist in the service. In 2009, the document review market was a staggering 2.8 billion dollars, growing 10% over the previous year through the use of new technology and review platforms, which gives sound rationale to regard it as an asset to both attorneys and law firms.